Paragon v27 updates are changes for the worse

Paragon v27 updates are changes for the worse

The Paragon v27 patch arrived this evening and it’s the first patch in a long time that’s included some major changes to the core of the game.

This afternoon was interesting once the patch arrived, what with the new draft system where characters are selected (and locked out) in turn. It’s not been a problem for me because Gadget is probably one of the least played characters, but one of our regular players Josh has become extremely frustrated with the system. For weeks, he’s been fine-tuning his Steel card deck and learning to play like a pro. The Second match in and Steel was picked by another player before his turn to pick came around. This system now means you cannot be the master of one. The only way to be assured of your pick is to have a five-man premade team. Not ideal, but, as far as I can tell, there is a part of the old system still there so players who prefer a character are not matched together. I could be wrong but it appears that way.

Sorry. Someone else is playing your favourite hero

I also have a real issue with the penalty for players leaving the draft. Leave the draft and your account can be penalised. That’s all well and good but when the game goes in and one of your players fails to connect or goes AFK (pretty much guaranteeing a loss), you are stuck wasting 20 minutes of your life waiting to surrender, and that’s only if the rest of your team agree. This system is fundamentally broken right now and the draft has only made it worse. Tonight I have played for four hours and every single game has had an AFK or disconnected player. I have only had the chance to complete one game at a fair level since v27 dropped. I know of at least two regulars I play with that have decided enough is enough and put the game down for now.

Final note on the new draft system. If a player leaves the draft after the draft has already begun, the whole process is disbanded and it’s back into the queue to waste some more time. This usually happens if a player can’t play the hero they want.

If you thought the draft would improve matchmaking times in Paragon then think again, it’s still as frustrating as ever.

There’s also this bizarre extra layer before the draft where you have to click ready and green ticks appear. If someone doesn’t click it starts all over again which means more wait time. Some of the ideas in this patch are just plain nuts.

Bloody pointless ticks

The changes introduced in this patch actually go a lot further than the patch notes might indicate. With the minions now reduced, but beefed-up per wave, you wouldn’t necessarily think that would change the way the game plays: but it does. Previously there was a chance you could sneak in and take down a tower while the opposition was being kept busy. That is now impossible to do as there just aren’t enough minions to distract the tower. The pace of the game in the lanes now also feels lumbering and tedious as you stand still pummeling low powered skills into minions in the early part of the game.

A feature that made Paragon exciting was the Inhibitors, which would respawn once destroyed after a certain time. A team could be on their knees with all Inhibitors down but if they can protect the core for long enough they would come back and the team could snatch a victory. This is the exact scenario in my final game before the patch. It was a nail-biting and tense game. We actually fought back to win it.

Now Inhibitors are essentially just extra towers that trigger a single super minion and a few other normal minions. Once they are down that’s it, there’s no way to give your team a fighting chance of a comeback and it immediately puts a team on the back foot. Whoever at Epic thought this change was good for the game is seriously mistaken. Thankfully there will be a way to restore them in the future, but that mechanic is not in as confirmed today by the devs.

“This mechanic hasn’t been implemented quite yet but for sure is incoming at a date to be announced! Appreciate you expressing your concerns. Once this mechanic is in, I would definitely encourage you to give us more feedback! Thanks!”

There’s now no levelling up on the main skill, something that I do approve of. As far as I can tell the UI etc will be tweaked to better reflect the skills and upgrades but having it scale while you level makes more sense.

Yep, that’s a UI alright.

The Deathball issue where packs of players would roam the jungle causing mayhem while levelling has now been tackled with fewer XP being awarded if there’s three or more players involved. What this means is players are now encouraged to play in pairs. The Deathball issue was a problem for some players and it needed to be addressed, but it’s frustrating having game changes like this dictate the way you have to play.

It’s been really hard to get any enjoyment out of this latest update and I now have real concerns about where Paragon is going. As I understand it, Epic are wanting to create a MOBA experience; but what they’ve perhaps failed to realise is that they could have something better than simply another MOBA. Paragon appealed to MOBA players and even gamers who would usually go for a shooter or third person action game. It was bringing two different types of player together to make a challenging and exciting game experience, but with enough elements from the MOBA genre to bring strategy to the game.

Epic are in real danger at this point of losing a lot of players unless they seriously address the mechanics and rollback/reevaluate some of the changes. I am all up for change and improvements in any game, and I have played and tested a lot of games in 30 years, but this update is a step in the wrong direction for Paragon. I seriously hope they go back to the drawing board with this.

Every day has been Paragon day for me of late, but after this patch I think I need to take a timeout until it stops trying to be 100% MOBA and returns to primarily being an exciting game featuring MOBA elements. I know not every one will agree with me, and MOBA players may want this to be another MOBA like all the others, but I think it would be nuts for Epic to try to make Paragon just like all the rest. What would be the point in that?

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    • Colten Wills

      I think that the changes that were made are definitely a step in the correct direction. This last patch is just the first step in the huge overhaul they are working on. I don’t feel that you should be so quick to judge and give them time to actually implement the full changes. The game is in Beta, it’s still developing, and they working on fixing a lot of major flaws that the game has now. Was Paragon fun in it’s original state? Sure. But it would get old quick and people will lose interests. In it’s original state the game had kind of an arcadey feel to it, sort of like Titanfall. Super fun, but not enough content or interesting gameplay to keep people coming back for long. They are working on it, and I feel that once they get a couple more of the big changes in they are talking about, and smooth out the bugs, I think it’s going to be even better.

      • Paul Younger

        You are right the old version was super fun and “fun” is good. It keeps you playing. As it stands now there is still the same content so the changes have not addressed that anyway. I agree, there’s still work to do but I have a feeling they have around 8 weeks to sort this out before the open beta which is not a lot of time.

    • Descenter

      Im a new player, lvl 13 I think, (but I have seen more then 50 games on Youtube and Twitch) and I love the changes and I completly disegree with everything in this post. I hated that It was all about stomping around in a 5man gank all the time. Now that is almost gone! YES!
      And I think its “EPIC” -haha That I can see my own and the enemy team and chose counter heros before the match. For now, as a lone wolf I have only positive things to say about the patch! -I simply love it!

      Paul, plz record a game that is not a PvE new hero test. – Would love to se more gameplay!
      (oh, just one thing, WHY? are you putting your harvester key in your active slot 3,
      when its not a card with a active skill?) Auto slot it, and it will go in the correct slot to the far right.

      • Paul Younger

        I ditch it pretty quick. It’s just there in case no harvesters have been put up.

      • Elly Davis

        The five man gank deterrant is good. Not enough to keep me playing though.

        I put my harvester in the 3rd slot too because I replace it with another card later.

    • Pagwani

      I prefer this patch over before. Minions now have a purpose in team fights and I find my cxp gathering hasn’t been changed at all. The gameplay is fun and challenging.

      I also like playing Sparrow now more than before, her new ‘E’ may be worse but I like being able to have +150 damage each attack instead. And with the new minion waves being smaller her wave clear hasn’t been affected at all.
      I’ve yet to play Kallari or Gadget after the patch (my other 2) but I probably will enjoy them. I disagree with most of the things this post says.

      The only thing I want that Epic haven’t mentioned is adding Movement Speed cards, instead of travel mode.

      Also I’m lvl 21 and have been playing since OT6 so I have lots of experience.

      • Paul Younger

        Travel mode is a contentious issue. I would like to see it stay but it depends what else changes to offset its removal.

    • Tim McDonald

      Hahahaha. Without having played Paragon in aaaages, reading over this makes me think “Huh, just like Dota.”

      Inhibitors/barracks don’t respawn in Dota (though comebacks are still very, very possible; that might be down to the game’s other inherent systems. Also worth noting Dota is one of the few MOBAs that lack respawning Inhibitor equivalents.). XP balance is regularly tweaked in Dota, but it’s usually split between every member who participated in a kill, so five people killing one offers up a lot less experience than someone winning a one-on-one fight.

      Readying up after a match has been found is also in Dota (and is kinda despised there too) but it’s mostly so that people can’t click to find a game, wander off for 20 minutes while it finds a match, and then wind up being AFK when the draft/game starts.

      MOBAs usually use that sort of drafting system for ranked games. Unranked Dota is basically “everyone picks whenever the hell they want to”, while ranked has teams take it turns. Heroes of the Storm does similar, too, with unranked being “pick a hero and then find a game” while ranked is “get into a team, then take turns picking.” Then again, Dota has about 110 heroes, and Heroes has about… 50? There are still favoured picks that people fight over, trash heroes that nobody plays, and you still have people refusing to play certain roles when the team desperately needs them, but there are some things that you can’t easily fix.

      It does sound like the AFK/disconnect system needs fixing, though. This is ALSO a common problem in everything else, but it sounds a lot worse in Paragon right now.

      I suspect a lot of this is down to Paragon being in beta, and trying to find its footing. This is the right time to experiment with this sort of thing, and some of these problems will likely dissipate as more heroes are added and more players join up.

    • Paul Younger

      So shorter games are just not happening. Just had a game that lasted 1 hour 20 mins! And man was it a real bore. The whole team was just about slitting their wrists. We won it but it just wasn’t fun,

    • Elly Davis

      After my games the evenint the patch arrived I felt like I’d been cornered in a party by a really boring person and I can’t escape for 50 minutes.

      This is my first MOBA. Before this I always thought they looked so boring and tedious. Why on earth would anyone play those? I’ve been playing Paragon for a while and really enjoy it. The day before V27 I played 13 games. Post-patch, as I say, I felt like I’d been bored to death. The games dragged on and on, they were slow and tedious.

      I liked the USP of Paragon – seemed like it was a MOBA in spirit with some shootery type elements too – fast-paced, you can work well together to create opportunities but with the chance to pull a victory from almost certain defeat. Paragon was to MOBAs what WoW (vanilla) was to MMOs.

      My last two games had 3 v 5 because of ‘disconnects’, the last game we had a 2 v 5 game (mmm, that was fun) where only 4 connected to begin with but the game still took us all in. Ten mins later 2 other players ‘disconnected’. In a game earlier I even contemplated ‘disconnecting’ through boredom but I resisted as in all my years gaming I’ve never done that (it’s just not the done thing you know) so I plodded on.

      I’m told Paragon is now more in line with other MOBAs and now that I’ve played one I know why I couldn’t understand why people played them.

      I’m not rage quitting however, well I’ve quit but that’s only because things might change in the future.

    • Xis That Kid

      This author is confused when the game was announced and the tutorials it clearly states ” first and foremost it’s a MOBA”.

      • Paul Younger

        No,no I am not confused. I understand it;s a MOBA. It was a MOBA and still is a MOBA. The point here is that it was shaping up to be a MOBA with a difference which was fantastic. What I am trying to say here is that it can be a MOBA but keep all the excitement of the previous version. There; is nothing wrong with that. What I am dishearteend by is that it’s going to end up being a MOBA that’s the same as all the others. Where’s the fun in that?

      • Nick Squatrito

        Why do you feel like every MOBA has to be exactly the same? Why was it so bad for Paragon to have quirks that made it different from every other generic MOBA out there right now? Ive been playing this game since the Alpha and have loved it, and every update up until this last one only made it better. EPIC was on the right track with something unique and fun and now that’s gone. I was level 49 before the update, now I’m level 51 and Im gonna retire from it until the next patch comes out so I can see how bad they fuck it up next. If they take away travel mode I’ll probably never touch the game again.

    • Railbydefault

      First and foremost I’d expect a game that has been in development and playable for a decent period of time to stick to the profile it has established. It’s carried the MOBA since the game went into early access. So (@ xisthatkid)saying that it’s more like a moba now than before makes sense only if you’re going out of your way to talk against an opinion you don’t agree with(when saying the author of article is confused). It’s the same MOBA in the title as it was before this patch slick. Paragon, and I will assume the authors thoughts of Paragon relate to the game itself before and after the latest patch, and not to just the MOBA being in the title now or then.

      The only confusion here is why did you feel a need to make a statement that seems like it’s just looking for attention?

      The game(post patch) is a thin version of itself, with more “traditional” moba sprinkled in. On Paragon forums try-hards seem to like and the majority Paragon’s players that have been posting threads and replies, don’t seem to like. So maybe xisthatkid is coming from a “I play other mobas and I know what I’m talking about I’m going to school these newbs about real mobas”-perspective. Who knows, and the comment calling anything confusion rings more in line with the chat spammers online than with a critically thinking person anyhow…

      They’ve made some changes, it takes away from the action and intensity the game offered before(this last patch). They’ve taken away minions which takes away from the deep environment the game had before(there is less going on on the map). Less to concentrate on, more to wait for. And wait you will with average match going into the hour plus time range(from my experience post patch). They’ve changed lobby and added a forced draft mode, which is to solve the problem of long MM times(?), or to bring it more in line with other run of the mill mobas? I think its a solution looking for a problem. Also, it would seem a game that is still yet to have many charcters could do with a better option than forced draft just yet.

      If EPIC wants Paragon to be just another one of many mobas in a saturated MOBA market then fine, but the game is now pretty boring and still has the same issues as before. How many LOL, HOTS, DOTA, players do they really expect to pull away and into Paragon anyway? The time sink necessary makes me think not many will leave established games they’ve played for a long time. Paragon players from my experience enjoyed, liked, loved, the game because it had its own individuality relative to the other MOBAs. It was Paragon first, and sure had MOBA in the name, but wasnt just another of the same.

      So to each their own here, but I’m not going to waste time on a knuckle-draggingly boring game.

      Maybe the next update will change things and make the experience more enjoyable. Maybe it will get worse. Maybe it will change so much in a major way that it will once again be mostly different. The game feels bland now, boring, and time-sinky if I can use that as a description. Before I enjoyed the game, now I just do not at all.

      So if anyone does enjoy it, then good on them. I don’t think less of anyone for whatever the heck they like. But Paragon is not a game I enjoy anymore and at the end of the day that is what matters in gaming(imo).

      *I’m sure there is multiple grammar and spelling errors in this post…oh well*

    • Railbydefault

      I wanted to add something. Before I was just annoyed at the forcing the draft issue. After playing a little more the other night I’ve realized that it isn’t mostly the draft. The gameplay is much much worse. Player character choice aside, the gameplay itself has become mediocre. That is my big takeaway now upon reflecting, its just a boring game now(relative to what it was for anyone that isn’t clear as to my meaning).

      I still don’t really think the draft system works at this point in time, but more importantly the core of the game has lost its appeal. ymmv.

    • Ricky Lourens

      Dude, I liked Paragon cuz it was different. Now they removed the out of combat speed boost….ugh…the list is long and I’m to frustrated to list them all. The little things you know? Harvesters, slow movement speed, etc. Now its just turning into another Dota clone with 3rd person shooting elements. haha

      • Paul Younger

        I was as concerned by the changes as you but I absolutely love it now. I am not a typical MOBA fan at all but I think Epic has got the balance just about right now. I would give it another look if you’ve not tried it for a while.

        • Ricky Lourens

          Oh I play it about everyday, but I remember how cool it was running away with TwinBlast in the past out of combat with those nice screen effects and the awesome running animation. That was Paragon to me. I just hope they bring those elements back. Until then I’ll be wrecking bots with Belica.