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Giants Software has rolled out patch 1.9 for Farming Simulator 22. Coming ahead of the release of the Göweil Pack, this patch includes a storage facility for all players to house their bales. This will not be locked behind a paywall. Of course, this patch has more to offer as well.

Farming Simulator 22 patch 1.9 squashes bugs, adds content

The developer added a new option to the graphics settings menu called “Screenspace Shading Rate.” This should help to improve performance, particularly on low-end machines. Beyond this, the patch notes indicate a small number of changes and additions that have been made, including some bug fixes and minor tweaks. Modders might be particularly interested to find that there is now support for 64 fruit types in mod maps.

The aforementioned Göweil Pack releases very soon on March 22. It’s the first bit of major new content that’s in the stack of the Year 2 roadmap for Farming Simulator 22. It’s dedicated to bailing, providing a new set of implements and tools to use to create bails, wrap them and transport them; again with the benefit of being able to store them in the freely added new bail storage facility.

Patch 1.9 for Farming Simulator 22 now available 2

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After the release of this pack, there will be another pack that features “machines to rule the mountains” (which could have something to do with forestry), the third being described as a “bonus pack,” and the fourth having a vague description of “equipment to improve productivity.” Finally, towards the back-half of the year there will be the sim’s second “big expansion” which features a new map that will be complete with “lush, exciting crops.” Just like the Year 1 content, the Year 2 content is being sold both individually and also as a Season Pass for for $39.99 USD.

Farming Simulator 22 is available now on PC via Steam and the official Giants website.

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