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Over a year after it started, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the lives of everyone around the world. Vaccines have made life easier for many, but with the rise of the delta variant of COVID-19 and at least one other dangerous variant, even the fully vaccinated have to remain at least somewhat careful. Several gaming event organizers have recognized the persistent risks posed by the pandemic and continue to host either digital-only events or in-person events with various restrictions. Some, however, have chosen to postpone or cancel their event altogether like many did last year, as is the case with the organizers of PAX Australia 2021, who just canceled the convention until next year.

According to the organizers, they hoped that everyone could safely “come together in person this October” and that they could “deliver the best possible version of PAX Aus 2021.” Unfortunately, “the ongoing impact of COVID-19 in Australia” hampered their ability to comfortably host the event this year. The organizers noted that although the cancelation has rendered them “heartbroken,” they felt that it was ultimately “the right choice” and that they need to “look to the future.”


A digital replacement

Those who looked forward to PAX Australia 2021 will likely feel disappointed by this news. However, you can still at least check out PAX Australia Online, which the organizers confirmed will come in place of the originally planned event. The organizers will share more information about the digital event on their social media “over the coming days.” As for those who already bought tickets for PAX Australia 2021, the organizers promised full refunds for them, which they will discuss further “within the next [seven] days.”

It remains unfortunate that PAX Australia 2021 is now canceled, but the decision ultimately reflects well on the event organizers since they prioritized the health and well-being of the attendees. Hopefully, the pandemic will end sooner rather than later and gaming enthusiasts everywhere will get to safely share their passions in person once again.

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