The Alesso Heist is, to my surprise, the 23rd bit of DLC released for Payday 2 – but a lot of them have been free, so that’s not as alarming as it sounds. This particular DLC release is not free, however, and costs $7.00 USD.

For that price, you get a heist based around a DJ Alesso gig at the Gensec Arena. You’re not there to kidnap Mr. Alesso, but to snaffle some valuables from the Gensec vaults (installed for art exhibitions.) In the Payday 2 tradition, you can do this mission quiet or loud. I mean, it’ll be loud anyway because of the show, but you can perhaps use that to your advantage.

As well as the new map, the Alesso DLC adds some new weapons (including microphone stands) and four new masks. All of which you can see on this handy summary page.

Here’s the launch trailer, in which DJ Alesso himself makes an appearance.

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