PC Game Release Date List 2018 – 2019

PC Game Release Date List 2018 – 2019

April 2018 PC Games

Radical Heights (Boss Key Production): 10 April 2018 – Early Access

After the disaster that was Lw Breaker, Boss Key jump on the battle royale bandwagon with this future 80’s themes battle royale title.

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DEPLOYMENT (Whale Rock Games): 10 April 2018

Time to DEPLOY! Take your friends and get ready for the epic battles in Deployment, the new multiplayer online top-down shooter game from the creators of the We Are The Dwarves.

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Extinction (Iron Galaxy ): 10 April 2018

In Iron Galaxy’s giant stomping game Extinction the legendary Ravenii are back, and as Avil, it will be down to you to stop their advance through Dolorum.

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SpyParty (Chris Hecker): 12 April 2018

In SpyParty, one player has to outwit the other as a Spy while the other plays a Sniper whose job is to identify the spy (other player) and take them out with one shot. It’s a battle of observation and cunning as the spy has to mingle in a room with NPCs and complete missions.

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We Happy Few (Compulsion): 13 April 2018

The Joy-filled streets of Wellington Wells are currently hosting a first-person Early Access survival game. But it’s supposed to gain a narrative at launch.

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Steampunk Tower 2 (Dreangate): 19 April 2018

Steampunk Tower 2 is a Real Time Strategy game in which you will have to defend yourself from the attacks of powerful armoured enemies and tremendously huge bosses

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BattleTech (Harebrained Schemes): 24 April 2018

Jordan Weisman’s turn-based videogame adaptation of his own BattleTech universe is due next year.

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Subaeria (ILLOGIKA): 24 April 2018

Subaeria follows Styx, a young girl who’s out for revenge after her family is murdered by the overlord of Subaeria. In the game, she has to fight her way through murderous robots and pit them against each other.

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Frostpunk (11-Bit Studios): 24 April 2018

Frostpunk is the first game of society survival. In an ultimately frozen world, people develop steam-powered technology to oppose the overwhelming cold.

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    • Raptor Jesus

      AOE4 is vaporware. It’s been announced but I’d be surprised if it doesn’t get cancelled in a year or two.

    • Shahriar Hossain

      You missed Serious Sam 4

    • xCheck

      It is sad to see there are no games similar to Star Citizen or any style of games scope of it in development. I hoped CIG/SC would finally encourage developers make enormous and ambitious games for PC but it looks like that’s not the case. Disappointing.

      • Jason Storey

        Billion dollar budget vaporware isn’t something to strive for.

      • graffite

        Bruh, chronicles of elyria tho

      • Kyle Rybski

        It is a disheartening list, I agree. “2019 onwards” has some interest, at least. But I don’t think SC will be revitalizing the platform until release shows it can be profitable. Funding != Profit

    • Shahriar Hossain

      Where is Serious Sam 4??! And Spider-man?

      • Paul Younger

        Expect another update shortly. We are currently moving the site over to new speedier layout.

    • Waswat

      missing BATTLETECH for april 24th

      • Paul Younger

        It’s there.

    • https://graphicscardhub.com/ Akshat Verma

      Where is Battlefield V ?

    • check

      One of the biggest PC game release this year.

      X4: Foundations – November 30th