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Hello dear readers! It’s Cameron Woolsey, the editor-and-chief of PC Invasion here to share some exciting news. Well, it’s exciting to us, and it should be for you as well. PC Invasion is moving to a new server soon. By tomorrow morning we will be back, better and stronger than ever before.

Of course, this means you won’t get our awesome content for a short while. The site will go on a full content freeze starting at 4 PM ET, or maybe a bit earlier. Soon after, the switch for the new server will be flipped and we’ll be fully back on track. At least, that’s what our tech team said. But you know what? I trust the tech team; they’re good people.


Some of our readers may have noticed times when PCI would suddenly go offline for a short while. At other times, the front page or articles would load very slowly. “What was the issue?” you may ask. Well, simply put, the website has gotten too big for its own good. PCI has been growing massively over the last year, and now our current server just can’t handle what we’re putting down.

What does this mean for PCI and you?  The new server should alleviate these problems at long last. And for our writers, that means no more losses in connection while they type away on their articles. It’s a win-win for everyone!

As mentioned, the website will be frozen in carbonite starting in roughly a few hours. The content you love should still be there, but there won’t be anything new until all the levers are pulled and buttons pressed. We look forward to bringing you our best content once more (on a brand new server!). Until then, happy gaming!



Cameron Woolsey
Cam has been shooting for high scores since his days playing on the Atari 2600. Proud member of the Blue Team during the first console war, and has more Sonic paraphernalia than he cares to admit.

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