for honor

Enraged by the missing U in For Honor’s title, Tim and myself have taken up big swords and are ready to cause a ruckus. Armed with the aforementioned swords and at least a whole hour’s practice between us, we felt ready to take on all comers. Vikings, Samurai, Knights; it doesn’t matter, we’d batter them all.

Turns out it’s probably best to get in a bit more time with the For Honor combat system, at least if you want to duel actual human beings who were in prior betas. Luckily we were also able to duel against one another in 1v1 mode, and beat up equally inept AI bots of various factional types. We also had a look at the point-capture-meets-Dynasty-Warriors-kind-of 4v4 mode.

See how we fared in the video below. The For Honor closed beta is running until 29 January, and the full game is out on 14 February. How romantic.

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