PC Invasion Plays Omikron: The Nomad Soul – Part 1

There comes a time in every PC owner’s life when they must experience David Bowie’s most significant contribution to the medium; an appearance in, and soundtrack contribution to, Omikron: The Nomad Soul. That time for me is right now, in a Bowie Anniversarial Remembrance play through of Quantic Dream’s 1999 release.

I’ve never played this game before. I know next to nothing about it besides the Bowie connection, and that it involves soul-hopping to some extent.

In Part 1 (below), I insert my soul into some poor guy’s body, get attacked by a weird insect-demon, get sexually involved with a woman wearing a white top (in record time, even for a Quantic Dream game), solve a lizard feeding puzzle, and acquire a HOT LEAD for a case.

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  • Ossi Hurme

    This game has always intriqued me. I can play old games but not games without mouse support with movement.
    Shame really Anachronox is another example.

    • Yeah, it’s a bit weird with the mouse-look. You can do it in the temporary first-person mode for looking around, and it’s there in the shooting bits – but you can’t (I don’t think) guide the movement in third person with anything but the keyboard. And that’s what you spend most time doing, so …