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PC Invasion Plays Paragon’s new hero Serath

The first new hero of 2017 has joined Paragon and it’s the melee carry Serath.

Serath is an odd character to play, she comes with a melee main attack which is boosted by her ultimate bit she also has ranged attacks. In this video, I take a look at the abilities after putting together a deck which initially focused on attack speed, a bit of mana regen, lifesteal and power. Epic also recommends Ability Penetration.

Due to the risk of being matched with unsuitable players, I have gone against the AI for this demonstration. The matchmaking has been less than reliable for the past couple of weeks.

Serath is available right now if you fancy taking her for a spin. Also, a quick note to Paragon players. Feel free to join in our nightly sessions by popping into the PC Invasion Discord channel.

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