PC Invasion Plays Paragon v.39 – Morigesh and jungle changes

PC Invasion Plays Paragon v.39 – Morigesh and jungle changes

The v.39 Paragon patch dropped this afternoon and I jumped straight in to check out the game’s new hero Morigesh.

As well as the new hero addition, Epic has really improved the overall look and feel of the Monolith map. The jungle has been significantly revamped with the safe lane side (right) having been completely changed with the Amberlink ball now the main focus of that particular part of the jungle.

There are the same amount of camps, they have all just been slightly repositioned around the Amberlink. The Raptor camp area has also been enlarged to around the same size as the Orb Prime area. The jungle jump pad has also been removed.

Overall the changes are excellent, the whole map feels more spacious, the lanes are wider and it’s simply much better for larger confrontations.

In the video below I take Morigesh for a spin and show off the map changes. Not knowing quite what to expect I stacked the deck with ability damage and that seemed to do the trick as she can regenerate health while out in the field.

I have to say, Morigesh is probably slightly overpowered at the moment but she is extremely fun to play. I have a feeling she’ll be in just about every match for the time being.

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