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The PC Invasion Podcast is 25 years young today! (that’s a lie, we do more than one episode per year). It is 25 episodes old though, and that twenty-fifth recording can be found below. Fair warning: this discussion features spoilers for Netflix’s Jessica Jones. Those don’t happen until the latter parts though. You’re safe for 65 minutes or so.

You can download or stream, as you wish. Older episodes of the podcast can be found in our archives.


This week, there’s a whole lot of Just Cause 3 chat. The explosions. The wing-suits. The similarities (and differences) between this and Just Cause 2, along with the extent to which this is more forgivable in non-annual series releases. There’s a point where we reference a particular mini-video of Just Cause 3, and you can see that here.

After that, it’s the highly anticipated (by no-one) discussion about Euro Fishing. Yes, you too will be learning how to get a “fish-on” (the game’s words, not mine), the principles of stalking (again … not my terms), and the delicate techniques of watercraft. We also reminisce about some of our favourite fishing scenes from other games.

It’s beyond this point that the Jessica Jones spoiler-filled musings begin, so avoid those if you don’t want to know about plot points. Or if you don’t care about TV chat.

It’s safe to tune back in at 74 minutes (where we discuss David Tennant in Just Cause 3), just in time for me to get confused between Paragon and Paladin, and for a quick preview of what’s coming up on the PC Invasion site.

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