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In our never-ending quest to record this podcast with somewhat tolerable audio quality, Episode 33 is coming to you in glorious stereo. We’ve used a different recording methodology for this one, which has its own pitfalls (we may slip slightly out of sync, I’ve tried to mitigate this as much as possible in post-production), but also a few advantages.

Have a listen (streaming or download) below, and let us know what you think. Older episodes are located in the archives if you want to do some sort of direct comparison.


This week, we discuss GOG’s foray into the world of early access games (or “games in development” as they put it), try to decide whether EA going rogue from E3 is a net positive or negative for the hard-working games writers who have to cover that event, and wonder how Conan Exiles will fare as another open-world survival game. Plus, SUPERHOT. Just the word SUPERHOT.

In a pretty game-dense week, Tim has been committing acts of freedom/terrorism against aliens in XCOM 2, while Paul and I have examined the waist-high walls of The Division beta in close-up detail. As well as that, I’ve been playing an early alpha of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and Tim’s tried out the latest Rise of the Tomb Raider DLC.

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