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Greetings, podcasterteers. PC Invasion Podcast 34 is all prepped for launch, and is ready and waiting to be streamed or downloaded beneath these words. We’re in glorious stereo again, because that seemed to work out alright last week.

Prior episodes can, as usual, be found in the PCI archives.


This week, we bid farewell to GameTrailers; unceremoniously axed by a brutal corporate owner yesterday. Here’s the Jim Sterling piece Paul refers to during our short conversation about this.

From there, we take a trip to New York and the mean streets of The Division. Could they look meaner and more gritty on PC if Ubisoft was being less “fair” to consoles? Perhaps. We have a chat about the issues surrounding that, how the PC version was looking in the closed beta, and discuss what our ideal PC versions look like.

Not like Namco Bandai’s most recent pair of efforts, that’s for sure. Both Naruto SUNS 4 and Tales of Symphonia have had pretty embarrassing problems.

Mind you, the PC exclusive XCOM 2 is not without its performance issues and bugs. Tim talks about those, and his thoughts on the game post-completion. Then, in an act of extreme cruelty, we force Paul to talk about Godus Wars. Hanging out somewhere between the spectrum of those two titles is Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, which is the game I’m mostly waffling on about this week.

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