PC Invasion Podcast #6 – Star Citizen Special with Derek Smart

PC Invasion Podcast #6 – Star Citizen Special with Derek Smart

Star Citizen: will it, and can it, ever be made in the form envisaged by Chris Roberts? Derek Smart certainly doesn’t think so, and isn’t alone in that view. Interested to learn more about his perspective on this issue, we invited Derek on the podcast to chat about his blog post ‘Interstellar Citizens,’ Federal Trade Commission involvement, and how the Star Citizen project has seemingly rocketed out of control.

In this episode we discuss the technological challenges and missteps taken by the Star Citizen development teams, the rather cult-like process driving the endless ‘limited edition’ ship sales, whether the game can be salvaged by scaling it back, the nature and boundaries of trust with crowd-funded projects, the departure of executive producer Alex Mayberry, FTC investigations, potential class-action lawsuits, and a whole lot more.

85 minutes of full-flow Derek Smart await your eager ears.


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Since this is a special occasion, we also have a video option. Watch the podcast discussion below and it’s also archived on our Youtube Channel. Feel free to subscribe.

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