PC Invasion Podcast #6 – Star Citizen Special with Derek Smart

PC Invasion Podcast #6 – Star Citizen Special with Derek Smart

Star Citizen: will it, and can it, ever be made in the form envisaged by Chris Roberts? Derek Smart certainly doesn’t think so, and isn’t alone in that view. Interested to learn more about his perspective on this issue, we invited Derek on the podcast to chat about his blog post ‘Interstellar Citizens,’ Federal Trade Commission involvement, and how the Star Citizen project has seemingly rocketed out of control.

In this episode we discuss the technological challenges and missteps taken by the Star Citizen development teams, the rather cult-like process driving the endless ‘limited edition’ ship sales, whether the game can be salvaged by scaling it back, the nature and boundaries of trust with crowd-funded projects, the departure of executive producer Alex Mayberry, FTC investigations, potential class-action lawsuits, and a whole lot more.

85 minutes of full-flow Derek Smart await your eager ears.


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    • merciful

      Has this guy ever made a game that had a higher rating than 2/10 ? This reeks of jealousy and shameless self plugging and will inevitable backfire, he´s trolled the internet long enough, this time he´s crossed a line

      • Jack Pott

        Only what he was saying was correct.

        • Jay_8008

          a) Can you clarify how you’d actually know if what he speculated on was correct or incorrect factually?

          b) Derek has only shipped failed games. Chris Roberts has shipped several successful games. Why listen to fail-man disparage success-man?

          • Jack Pott

            I listened because I had started to have doubts myself for a while, as have much of the community.

            Chris Roberts hasn’t released anything for many years and the industry has changed a great deal since then. I like very much what he has done and that is why I invested early on.

            However, there is not much to show after 3 years since announcement (presumably development was under way before Kickstarter) and the scope of the game has changed in that time, in some cases away from the original plans (FPS module was not originally a full-blown shooter).

            Also Arena Commander has hardly improved since its very buggy launch version. I realise that is not final but if what they have released is not being improved then alarm bells start ringing.

            • Markus Neibecker

              Don’t talk in behalf of the community. It is just your opinion. Every damn poll ever made in the forums on trust or faith for the projects
              Is in big favour for the project.
              The only ones who are raging are those whiny little kiddies you have in every MMO.
              And just look at Derek Smarts new game. He is using tech 5 to 10 years old, it looks shitty and more over it is once again a big bug plagued mess.
              And yes FPS was always there and latest at the 20 million stretch goal you should have known it will be a full grown shooter.
              And what you and the other doomsayers not realise is, that AC is merely more than a testbed where they implement mechanics to test. But I give you that, trying to make it fun for people so they have something to play with was stupid, they shod have known the internet better…

      • Tim Morales

        to be fair Battlecruiser is a real game that you can, y’know, own and everything. More so than Star citizen.

        • Gaz Instone

          That’s because Star Citizen is still being developed. Battlecrusier like all of his other projects was a half finished, bug ridden mess.

          The guy is simply out to derail/damage a project he sees as a competitor.

          That and just trying to get any type of PR. He has my pity.

          • Raptor Jesus

            The only people who have my pity and the folks who got conned by Chris Roberts.

            • Gaz Instone

              The only people being conned are those who put any belief in Smarts idiotic ramblings and half assed bluster.

              You can say people have been conned when there’s actually any proof or SC comes tumbling down.

              Until then it’s in development and the current development time is neither shocking nor surprising for the scope of the game. Should be some nice surprises at Gamescom in a couple of weeks.

        • Markus Neibecker

          Oh yes, you still can play Wing commander you know? And freelancer is still out there and it is played by many people. All those games were great successes and battlecruiser is a bug ridden mess, it is by far the biggest piece of software junk I’ve ever played.

    • MorningLM

      I listened to this podcast. FACT!

      • Anbear

        I listened to 20 minutes of this podcast, FACT!
        just one terrible rant.. does he keep going throughout?

        For someone who doesn’t care about the fps module, he sure is upset about it being delayed. The game that was pitched at kickstarter, squadron 42, is to my knowledge not (yet) delayed – no need to start crying until that one is put on indefinite hold.

    • Nick Bassano

      How many contradictions did Derek smart have during that interview. He said several time that things are going to radically change 100%. Yet later he said, well….. I dunno what’s gonna happen, maybe nothing. It’s also kinda disappointing that PC invation just blindly agreed with with and didn’t bother to point out any of his misconceptions.

    • Gaz Instone


      • Elly Davis

        Star Citizen development started before October 2012. Kick starter was announced in Oct but work had already begun by then.

        • Christian Romero

          He made the tech demo with a small team and his own money that was the kickstarter pitch and the one he introduced at GDC 2012. Sure assets from the tech demo are being used for SC but it was in no way pre-production work for SC.

          • Elly Davis

            That is the definition of pre-production.

            • Markus Neibecker

              No it is not.

      • DickyDee

        That’s devs fucking with publishers’ money, Star Citizen is fucking with gamers’ money. That’s why questions can be asked by gamers and answers expected.

        We’re bankrolling it.

    • Byronic Fate

      Clickbait garbage? really? I was starting to like this place.

      • Paul Younger

        This is actually a thing that is happening Dyronic but you have to have been following it quite closely to get the full sense of what’s gong on. It’s important to tell both sides of every argument when you can and this is one side of the argument so people can understand the current situation. It’s only clickbait to you IF you click it.

        • Byronic Fate

          If every opinion of every fruitbat had to be shared for games to be fair and proper, we’d never complete them. Why not get a more credible critic? This guy is just drumming up propaganda.

          • Paul Younger

            He is being a mouthpiece for a real issue that is happening and has been for some time. Just because it’s Derek Smart and a lot of people do not agree with everything he says or may have done in the past does not mean he doesn’t have valid points, most of which are actually points that have been raised by backers already in the official SC forums and elsewhere.

            We have been following up on this quite extensively and there may be some concerns about the project which will hopefully be averted and the game can get right back on track. That’s the hope anyway.

            • Byronic Fate

              heard of Bill Warrantston? Bill is a strong critic of Star Citizen.
              He is known for such critically acclaimed games as bucket man and gun game. We were told most people know these games.The views of Bill reflect a growing view of concern from important sites such as gaminggames.net and blowingsteam.com. We sit down with Bill to give him 2 hours to discuss his vital criticisms of SC. We think all criticisms are valid. Bill graduated from Mojave dessert community college and was once reported to have saved a whale after deciding to not hit it with his oar.

    • DickyDee

      The problem with the guy is he needs to stop talking about himself and concentrate on the issues with the game’s development.

    • korval

      Does anyone understand Derek Smart – of all people – is standing up for YOUR rights as a backer? At the moment there are no protections for backers. Kickstarter has some but outside of Kickstarter there are NO rights.

      What he’s doing is forcing crowdfunding companies, beginning with CIG, to start accepting more transparency and providing simple things like refunds. Most of you will continue to back the project. People, like me, who have felt cheated (and I sent CIG a really long email with written and video proof of untruths Chris have stated; those truth which led to me backing) can get our money back.

      Of course if this game comes out I’ll likely buy it. But at the moment I have no faith in the project. I don’t trust Chris. I just want my money back.

      • Raptor Jesus

        This reminds me of the scenes in ‘Walking Dead’ where someone makes a big noise and all the walkers start coming.

        The fan boys are going to be all over you.

        But yeah, you are SPOT ON.

    • Dre’ Reavis

      This 47 year old gamer disagrees with Derek Smart’s prognostication that this game can’t be done as originally spec’d. Maybe if it were helmed by the likes of Derek Smart and a team of 10 coders it wouldn’t see the light of day. But I’m pretty confident that if a team of less than 25 people can put out a game like No Man Sky, at team with 200+ employees can put out an MMO and a detailed single player wing commanderesque game.

      Let’s see whose right Derek.

      I’m not being cult like in my belief that Chris Roberts can get it done. Contrarily, if I was a fan of Derek Smart’s games I’d think most people would view that opinion as cult like. I mean, Chris Roberts has at least put out a game that REVIEWERS love.

      • Raptor Jesus

        Fan boy to the end.