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A narrow escape for the PC Invasion Podcast. If Prey code hadn’t appeared yesterday, then Episode 76 would have had even more time devoted to Jake Gyllenhaal’s star turn in The Day After Tomorrow.

Luckily, though, Prey did show up. Which meant I was able to play it for a few hours, do a Technical Review, and then talk about it on this podcast. It’s Arkane doing System Shock 2! Not a bad thing at all.

After that, some discussion about Zenimax’s ceaseless hunger for trademark disputes, Valve’s dwindling supply of writers, and the announcement of Darksiders 3. Plus some stuff about Trappist Monks.

Tim’s been playing Impact Winter, so we round out the podcast with his early thoughts on that game. I can’t remember exactly when it comes up, but here’s the Valve short film (oh, probably during the Valve bit then) about bread.

Podcast Episode 76 is available for streaming or download, below. Older episodes can be heard rattling around late at night in our bunker archives.


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