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PC Invasion Podcast #77

Games rising, games falling; Episode 77 of the PC Invasion Podcast is all about varying series fortunes. A new city builder (well, colony builder) has emerged from Paradox’s fan convention. Surviving Mars comes from the same developers as Tropico, and puts you in charge of a budding martian infrastructure project. Hopefully with better resources at your disposal than El Presidente.

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Meanwhile, Square Enix are making all sorts of strange decisions regarding their properties. After releasing one of the best Hitman games in the series, it looks like IO Interactive are going to be sold off by the publisher. The situation isn’t fully confirmed there, but things aren’t looking too great. Square do want to make another Thief game though, apparently.

Mass Effect is reportedly on hiatus after Andromeda, so we discuss that too. Plus a bit of rumour-ing about a possible Far Cry 5 in Montana.

That’s all the news. Tim’s been playing The Surge and is able to speak various words about it. I’ve finished off Prey, which, as my review can attest, is rather good.

Listen to (or download) the podcast, below. Hopefully, anyway. I have a weird error message in the back end of the site, but it seems to actually work fine. Comment if you have any problems! Older podcasts live in the archives.


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