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PC Invasion Podcast #78

First of all: sorry. Episode 78 is probably not the best podcast we’ve ever done. There are some good parts! Paul’s here, so it’s a three person pod. Unfortunately there were also technical issues aplenty to do with malfunctioning computers and a lack of headphones. There’s a message at the start where I explain all this.

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Anyway, it should be edited into a pretty decent state. You will hear some slight doubling up of audio (kind of an echo) in a few places; nothing I could do about that I’m afraid. The rest is normal.

On Episode 78 we discuss the ups and downs of the news cycle around Destiny 2’s PC version, the announcement of Far Cry 5 (yay) and The Crew 2 (uhh, sure), Konami’s commitment to a proper PC version of PES 2018, and word of new Life is Strange. Then, it’s on to games we’ve actually played. Paul talks Battlezone VR, I gush over Endless Space 2 a bit more, and Tim plays “good idea, bad idea” with The Surge.

The latest podcast is below for your streaming or downloading pleasure. Older episodes of the podcast are in our archives, right here.


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