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PC Invasion Podcast #80

Episode 80 of the PC Invasion Podcast is a busy one, as the news accelerates towards E3 2017 and everybody tries to get their game released before that event steals all the attention. First up for discussion, it’s the newly-named Need for Speed: Payback.

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After that, Tim and I talk about Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days (not terrible, it seems), the unintentional Vanquish hard mode on PC, and Ubisoft’s inability to keep anything about Assassin’s Creed much of a secret. Plus, Timmy Mallet playing Tekken 7. Well. ‘Playing’.

Elsewhere, Dota 2’s co-op campaign, Shadow of War, and AMD’s new Vega GPUs are all coming later than expected. Delays for everyone!

In the big wide world of PC games, I’ve been playing the rather decent PC version of Tekken 7, and Tim’s been playing (among other things) The Long Journey Home. We’ve also both done crimes in the exceptional Night in the Woods.

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