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PC Invasion Podcast #84

Holy crap, we kept to a weekly schedule. Yes, PC Invasion Podcast Episode 84 is here a mere seven days after the last one. It’s a modern miracle.

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In this episode, it’s a lot of Shadow of War surrounded by a lot of other things. Those things include Morrissey’s possible gaming habits, replacing everybody in Deus Ex with rabbits, and nationalising loot boxes. Actually, there’s a lot of loot box talk. Maybe too much. But I left 90% of it in there anyway. You can decide among yourselves whether that was a good idea.

Anyway, yes, lots of Shadow of War too. The pleasing, the less pleasing, and the incredibly silly plot.

Other than that game, I’ve been playing Overgrowth (yes, it’s finally coming out) and ninja-rabbiting my way around the countryside. Tim has spent some time taking screenshots of the PC graphics menus in The Evil Within 2, and rather more time actually playing Jydge. Plus a bit of Original Sin 2, sounds like.

You can stream or download Episode 84 of the PC Invasion Podcast with the widget below. Unless something has gone horribly wrong, in which case complain loudly in the comments until somebody notices and fixes it. Older podcast episodes can, as ever, be found in the archives.


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