PC Invasion Podcast Minisode

PC Invasion Podcast Minisode

Don’t get too excited, this is not a full PC Invasion Podcast episode. It’s a short update on why we haven’t put out a podcast in a while, and when that might change. Plus a bit of actual PC game chat … with myself.

Yes, that means it’s the long joked about monologue episode. There’s a (very) brief news round-up, followed by some spoken thoughts on Get Even. I’m not planning on making this a regular thing, it’s just a stop-gap explanation for the lack of episodes and some reassurance that the pod hasn’t been taken out behind the bunker and shot.

Here’s the episode. It’s short and sweet and features some basement ambience. Older, better, episodes are in the archives. We’ll get back to adding to those as soon as possible!


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    • Teddy

      You do say its difficult at present to make a podcast but lets be honest, it was never really easy for you before.

      The update is appreciated and even though the monologue was hyped so much, it didn’t disappoint!

      • Paul Younger

        The way things are at the moment. until individuals have the time. makes it tricky. There are a core bunch of listeners which is great but we have to make sure everything is ticking over for the masses and look at ways of improving the site which takes time and research.