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Yuuki Mishima is the holder of the Moon Arcana and a Confidant in Persona 5 Royal. He is a second-year student at Shujin Academy and a member of its volleyball team. He is introduced on 04/11 and you automatically begin his Confidant on 05/06. Mishima is available every evening and can be found on the central street of Shibuya, and later in Shinjuku and Akihabara once they are unlocked.

As with most Confidants, there isn’t a limit on when you can rank Mishima up. As long as you achieve Rank 10 before reaching an ending you can complete the Moon Confidant. Something unique about Mishima’s social link is that the answers you give during hangouts aren’t overly important. This is because you rank up his Confidant by completing the Mementos requests that he gives. As long as the requests are complete, you’ll be able to reach the next rank regardless of what you say.

Persona 5 Royal: Yuuki Mishima Confidant skills

Below are the skills and benefits acquired from ranking up the Moon Confidant. This is one of the best social links to level up in Persona 5 Royal as all of Mishima’s skills speed up leveling. This lets you spend less time grinding and more time playing the actual game.

  • Rank 1 – Mishima’s Support: Allows backup members to earn EXP.
  • Rank 3 – Mishima’s Enthusiasm: Increases EXP earned from battle.
  • Rank 5 – Mishima’s Desperation: Increases EXP earned by backup members.
  • Rank 7 – Phanboy: Greatly increases EXP earned from battle.
  • Rank 10 – Salvation Wish: Allows backup members to earn the same EXP as current party members.

Persona 5 Royal: Yuuki Mishima Confidant answers

These are the best answers to give during hangout events with Yuuki Mishima. The answers listed were either chosen because they give the most social points or because they are required for specific unlocks. If a chosen answer doesn’t matter it will be listed as ‘ANY,’ so feel free to pick whatever you want.

  • Rank 1 (Story event, 05/06)
    • ANY
    • ANY
    • ANY
    • ANY
  • Rank 2 (Story event, 05/08)
    • ANY
    • You’ve done good, kid.
    • Sounds cool.
    • Nice hustle, image manager.
  • Rank 3 (Requires completion of the ‘The Bark and Bite of a Bully’ Mementos request)
    • Great idea.
    • “We’re part of… the Phandom?” or “Let’s tell them the truth.”
    • It’s not your fault.
    • ANY
  • Rank 4 (Requires completion of the ‘One Who Bullies Bullies’ Mementos request)
    • Steak sounds good.
    • You’re amazing.
    • ANY
    • “Yup,” or “You’ll get better ideas.”
  • Rank 5 (Requires completion of the ‘Part-time Job, Full-time Hell’ Mementos request)
    • Is it for me?
    • That’s a good idea.
    • All right.
Yuuki Mishima Confidant Persona 5 Royal Correct Dialogue Choice

Persona 5 Royal Mishima Confidant Rank 6.5 event. Screenshot by PC Invasion

  • Rank 6 (Requires completion of the ‘Calling for Justice for Cats’ Mementos request)
    • “Just tell me already,” or “You sure are fired up…”
    • “Rumors are wrong all the time…” or “It’s none of our business.”
    • ANY
    • Absolutely. Nice job.
  • Rank 6.5 (Requires completion of the ‘Who’s Been Assaulting People?’ Mementos request)
    • You’re so reliable.
    • “Sounds pretty twisted,” or “You really need to chill.”
    • ANY
    • ANY
    • ANY
    • ANY
    • ANY
  • Rank 7
    • ANY
    • ANY
    • Maybe the Phan-Site?
    • “King of worrying…” or “It’s your time to shine.”
  • Rank 8 (Requires completion of both the ‘We Aren’t Just Your Slaves’ and ‘Who’s Muscling in Yongen-Jaya?’ Mementos requests)
    •  I’m not leaving.
    • ANY
    • You were super cool.
    • “You’ll be fine,” or “You’ve got his, man.”
  • Rank 9 (Requires completion of the ‘Man of Many Faces and Debts’ Mementos request)
    • You showed some real courage.
    • ANY
    • ANY
    • ANY
    • The sparkle in your eyes.
  • Rank 10 (Requires completion of both the ‘The Killer Who Cleans Up Trash’ and ‘Swindling Old Folk is Pretty Low’ Mementos requests)
    • ANY
    • That was courageous.
    • ANY
    • ANY

Note: For information on the other confidants in Persona 5 Royal like Yuuki Mishima check out our Confidant guides hub.

Persona 5 Royal can be purchased on Steam.

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