April 22nd, 2017

Phoenix Online to publish Moebius, Quest for Infamy, The Last Door

Jane Jensen's Moebius
With an art style like that, you could almost call it a Moebius comic strip.

Phoenix Online Studios have announced the formation of Phoenix Online Publishing, a label created to help bring “titles featuring rich storytelling and atmosphere” to market.

Phoenix Online Studios, in case you somehow forgot, developed both paranormal investigation adventure Cognition and King’s Quest fan-sequel The Silver Lining. Now they’re moving into publishing, and they’ve already got four titles lined up.

The first of those four titles is Moebius: Empire Rising, Jane Jensen’s return to point-and-click adventure gaming. The second is Quest for Infamy, an adventure/RPG hybrid that looks a lot like Sierra’s excellent Quest for Glory series. The third is The Last Door: Collector’s Edition, which is – as the title suggests – a collector’s edition version of crowdfunded-but-free horror adventure The Last Door, complete with new scenes and puzzles, and enhanced graphics and sound. The fourth is Lost Civilization, another adventure-y thing which looks like it’s heavy on minigames and smaller puzzles.

Phoenix Online Publishing won’t just be dealing with adventures, though. They’re apparently happy to do “every genre from role-playing to strategy and adventure.”

Oh, and we’ve now actually got release dates for some more of these. Moebius and Lost Civilization are both due to hit PC on 15 April, while Quest for Infamy and The Last Door: Collector’s Edition are expected sometime in the second quarter of this year.

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