Pillars Of Eternity – The White March: Part 1 Available Now!

Pillars of Eternity – Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive’s critically-acclaimed RPG – has just gotten its first full expansion, The White March: Part I.

The first of the two-parter expansion builds on the story of the original game, and brings to Eora a number of new maps, quests, and companions. New gameplay features are also being introduced in this expansion: multi-class abilities, soulbound weapons, and a higher level cap. There’s also a new party AI system for combat, and expanded content for all existing characters. Whether you’re a Pillars of Eternity veteran, or you’re new to the game, there’s plenty of dynamic new content for you to enjoy.

Pillars of Eternity – The White March: Part 1 is now available for purchase at $14.99, or you could buy The White March expansion bundle at $24.99 and instantly get access to Part 2 when it’s released. Check out the trailer if you still need a little more convincing!

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