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It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for another free Epic Games Store title. This week, the digital storefront is listing Pine for free until May 13. This action adventure takes place in a world where a human tribe must survive several other species and come out on top of the food chain. As always, Epic Games also provided a preview of next week’s title — The Lion’s Song.

According to the free listing, Pine takes place in “the beautiful world of Albamare,” where a tribe member named Hue must use wits and trading skills to “fight his way through a vibrant world filled with creatures much smarter than humans.” The game contains six biomes filled with species that either want to harm you or help you. Everything comes with a price, though, so prepare to barter. Your decisions to fight a species, befriend it, or join forces will help to shape the food chain.


The Pine trailer offers a glimpse at some of the game’s species, including anthropomorphic foxes, super buff moose, and giant elephants. These species will either help or hinder Hue’s journey to find a new home for his people. Check out the full Pine gameplay trailer below and grab the free Epic Games Store copy this week.

Free next week on Epic Games Store

From May 13 to May 20, The Lion’s Song will be free on Epic Games Store. This episodic narrative adventure follows a group of “Austrian artists and scientists” in the 20th century. Each episode looks at a different character’s personal struggle with their talents. Like all the best narrative adventures, your choices will shape the characters’ stories. In the end, the choices will determine if the game’s composer, writer, artist, and mathematician will become successful. Those who love a bit of history will likely be interested in The Lion’s Song.

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