Can you play Warcraft Rumble on PC?

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Fans are raving about how Blizzard’s new mobile game, Warcraft Rumble, is the ultimate mix between tower defense games and MOBA titles. With in-depth strategy and plenty of different playstyles to make use of, it’s topping charts even though it just released!

Warcraft Rumble offers players a whopping 65 different miniatures to collect and choose from when building the absolute best army possible. It’s a spin-off of the extremely popular WoW (World of Warcraft) franchise and revolves around intense, fast-paced games that are easy to play while you’re waiting for something in the real world. In this guide, we will cover whether you can play the mobile game on your PC or not, so continue reading if you don’t think mobile will work out for you!

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How do you play Warcraft Rumble on your PC?

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As with most mobile games out there today, Warcraft Rumble is not actually meant to be able to run on a PC properly, or in fact at all. The developers of the game worked hard on it, no doubt, but PC players simply aren’t the intended audience for the mobile strategy game. However, all of that aside, it is still possible for PC gamers to get in on the action with their computer — meaning you won’t have to put it away and try out your phone! Phew!

In order to play Warcraft Rumble on your PC, you will need to use an emulator. Although we don’t recommend any type of software for you to download, there are plenty of widely-used ones out there, like Nox or BlueStacks. Of course, when you download them, you do so at your own risk, but after the software has been installed, you will be able to access the game from your PC and enjoy it that way!

Will Warcraft Rumble run well on my PC?

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question. Warcraft Rumble may not run well on your computer, and it also may not even run at all. Really, it’s up to whether the emulator you choose to use is able to successfully port the game or not. All in all, if possible, we recommend simply playing the game on your mobile device since the graphics of Warcraft Rumble won’t adjust to your computer monitor, either. The game may be distorted and stretched out, since its aspect ratio is designed for a mobile phone, not a computer screen. Regardless, enjoy playing Blizzard’s latest game!

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