PlayerUnknown Prologue

Brendan Greene, known around many circles as PlayerUnknown, has already seen significant success with his little indie game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. But that hasn’t stopped him from wanting to try something new. During The Game Awards last week, a new trailer for his latest project, Prologue, was shown. And though it’s too soon to tell what it’s about, Greene has some big things to say about what’s in store.

What can players expect from Prologue?

Greene explains that the game is “an exploration of new technology and gameplay.” He hopes that with “every time they play,” players find “unique and memorable experiences.”

But then he broke things down even further, speaking to Forbes about the new project. He noted that Prologue is the “first step in the journey for me,” in the hopes of creating something for thousands of players. The main part of it is “experimenting with new technology,” while also creating great “gameplay experiences.” He calls it a “chance to deliver something new on a global scale.”

Technically, PlayerUnknown hopes to “create worlds at scale,” which is not really done that often in games. He’s talking “hundreds of kilometers,” with “thousands of people” enjoying its world at once. “These are hugely difficult problems to solve,” he confesses.

In addition, Greene said he’s taking his time with making sure everything clicks in Prologue. “I really don’t want to mess this up,” he explained. He also noted how opportunities like this “don’t come along very often,” and that you don’t “get a chance to launch a global IP every day.”

So it’ll be a bit before any new information about Prologue is provided. For now, the teaser trailer will have to do. We’ll let you know as soon as PlayerUnknown has something to say. The real question, though, is what Prologue will eventually lead up to.

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