Pokemon Trading Card Game Live Gameplay

Exactly two months after Konami announced Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, The Pokemon Company has officially announced the digital version of its massively popular card game, Pokemon Trading Card Game Live. The digital version of the game will be a faithful recreation of the analog paper-based version, remaining true to the original’s rules.

It’s so much so that you’ll be able to scan your existing cards to get copies of them in Pokemon Trading Card Game Live. Pokemon cards are not cheap, so players with large collections of the physical cards will be very pleased to hear that confirmed.


Pokemon Trading Card Game Live is coming to PC for Windows and Mac. Plus, it will be available for your mobile devices through the App Store and Google Play.

Gotta collect ‘em all

Scanning your existing physical cards is just one way to build up your collection in this digitized version. You will also be able to purchase in-game booster packs, as well as acquire cards from daily quests. The website also suggests there will be more ways to collect ‘em all. I hope it’s a realistic option to enjoy this game without the need to spend real money.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Live

With your collection, you’ll be able to build decks to battle other trainers from around the world. And the Pokemon Trading Card Game Live will constantly evolve. There will always be new ways to improve. And, of course, more opportunities to spend your cash.

As part of the digital experience, you will be able to create and customize your trainer avatar. You’ll also be able to create accessories like Coins to make your board more unique.

The game doesn’t have a specific release date just yet. The sneak peek trailer simply says, “Coming soon.” It can’t come soon enough for this Pokemon fan.