‘Polynesia Pack’ & Free Maps Coming To Civ V

Being in charge of a civilization that encompasses Hawaii sounds like a fairly attractive job, and that’s what’s on offer in Firaxis’ forthcoming DLC for Civilization V.
The ‘Polynesia Pack,’ due this Friday, 3 March, priced at $5.00 USD / £3.00 GBP, will introduce Kamehameha’s great Polynesian civilization to the game, along with a scenario called ‘Paradise Found.’ Here, you’ll take control of one of four Polynesian kingdoms vying for control of the islands of the Pacific. Special rule changes mean it’ll be possible to “build expansive kingdoms quickly without impeding cultural growth.”
You can expect new social policy trees – “Ceremony,” “The Arts” and “Honour” – and new units like the Moai.
On the freebie front, 3 March will also find a multiplayer map pack being given away to all Civilization V players. In it, they will find three new maps: Skirmish, Ring, and Ancient Lake.

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