There’s been a lot of speculation about how the HTC Vive pricing will pan out for potential buyers outside of the US and now we may have an insight into the pricing plans

    Below is an image found directly on the Amazon AWS file system which shows the prices for different countries. You will notice that in this list the GBP price includes the 20%VAT and EU customers are paying a little more.

    Taking the US price as the base price of $799, there still needs to be sales tax which I believe is about 9% average which takes the price of the Vive to $870 USD. This equals £627 GBP.

    With shipping costs still to be added it’s still more expensive in the UK and Europe compared to the US.

    Currency conversion are always a bit fickle as they fluctuate but when you start adding up the shipping and taxes it’s apparent that the Vive is an expensive piece of kit.

    If you read my article this week, The HTC Vive is priced, so what now for VR?, then you’ll know where we sit with this first generation of VR. Our advice is to not buy into the hype and wait.


    HTC Vive pricing

    Thanks Neogaf.

    Paul Younger
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