It’s great to see ambitious indie games with a small development team, as it really shows just what they can do. And Unsouled looks like it’ll suit action fans well when it arrives next year.

The game is the work of a single man, Jinsub Jung, who’s working alongside PQube to publish it. It combines a deep story with combat that has a stylish flair to it. Taking place in a pixel-inspired world where everything is destructible, the game’s first trailer sets the tone rather properly.

What’s Unsouled about?

Unsouled features two key characters — an unnamed man and a woman. Somehow, they’re able to absorb the souls of the dead to use to their benefit. But players can actually make choices on what they do with them. Should they subjugate their powers, or keep the souls from harm? Various choices lead to unexpected results within the game.

With the game’s combat, players will have to watch their step. Taking one to two hits could easily send them back to the previous checkpoint. However, once they master the counter-attack and parry systems, they can lay enemies to waste with no problem. Chaining together strikes is an effective possibility as well.

Unsouled also features a number of different environments to explore. These include mausoleums, ruins, caves, and other “lifeless places,” setting the tone for darkness. But every once in a while, the game provides the option to take in a remarkable panoramic view. This should remind players that the world isn’t all bad, despite the circumstances.

The game’s announcement trailer does a great job of setting the tone for the action and atmosphere awaiting us in Unsouled. The real question is how many players want to step up to the challenge. We’ll find out when the game arrives on PC in Spring 2020.

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