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Being subscribed to Prime means a steady flow of free(ish) games, as February’s lineup of perks for Prime Gaming has been revealed. These range from free games to exclusive content for multiple titles. First and foremost, since Lost Ark is launching soon, Prime Gaming is naturally offering some tie-in rewards. These include a Battle Pack Item, Battle Chest Bundle, and Amethyst Shard Pack. The game is launching for everyone on February 11, so there’ll be a bit of time before most can make use of these items, but they’ll be waiting for you all the same.

As for free games, the biggest of these is Stellaris. Paradox’s space-based Grand Strategy game launched back in 2016 and has since received some beefy expansions. People with Prime will be able to claim the base game. Next up is Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey. This is a much smaller game that released in April of last year. It sees you leading a group of survivors through a ruined black-and-white landscape. Then there’s As Far As the Eye, a rogue-lite turn-based management game about taking care of a village while on the move. Rounding out the rest of the month are Double Kick Heroes, a mash-up of shoot-em-up and rhythm game, and Golazo! Soccer League, which is purely self-explanatory.


Prime Gaming reveals its February perks and range of free games

Of course, this wouldn’t be Prime Gaming without a host of content for a range of other games. Amazon’s own New World, recent Ubisoft team shooter Rainbow Six ExtractionApex Legends, and the recently-maligned Battlefield 2042 all offer something to fans of grittier titles. Additionally, you can grab goodies for the enduringly popular battle royale turned cartoon gameshow, Fall Guys, toy collection romp BlankosFifa 22, Roblox, and hospital sim Two Point Hospital. There’s even more too, but I’ll leave that for people to scroll through absentmindedly.

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