Prison Architect Alpha 28 launches, brings UI improvements

Prison Architect Alpha 28 launches, brings UI improvements

prison architect alpha 28

’tis the season for a Prison Architect update, and now we’re up to alpha 28.

Introversion are hoping to bring you some holiday cheer by updating Prison Architect a bit early – and also, y’know, maybe getting a few days off over Christmas. They get time off, and we get an early update. It’s win/win, basically.

There aren’t any huge additions to the game this time around, from what I can tell. There are a bunch of tweaks to the user interface to clean things up a bit and make it a bit more “1.0 quality”, with a toolbar in the top left and search functions to help you filter rooms and objects. There’s deployment scheduling, sector targeting, bug and game balances fixes, and the terrifying addition of TRUCK DRIVERS.

Okay, it’s not that terrifying. Truck Drivers spawn when a delivery truck stops, and they’ll help unload any deliveries and load any garbage or exports. This won’t make a big difference if your usual methods for doing these are ready and available, but if things are blocked up or not quite functional, it should provide a nice bit of help and stop your delivery lane getting massively blocked.

You can view the update video (also containing a lot of talk about Batman) below, or read the full changelog over on the Introversion forums.

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