Double Fine will be making Psychonauts 2, as the Fig funding campaign has today crossed the $3.3 million target threshold.

That won’t be the entire budget for the game; the original pitch video showed similar slices being kicked in by Double Fine themselves and a unnamed third-party source for a total closer to $10 million.

The Psychonauts 2 campaign still has just under six days left to run, so that $3.3 million figure (and the 20,238 total backers) might creep up a little further before things conclude next week.

Plenty of the original team who made the first game (including composer Peter McConnell, artist Peter Chan, and writer Not-Peter Erik Wolpaw) are involved, and the voice actors for Raz and Lili will be returning too. Plus Tim Schafer. Obviously.

Double Fine are quite chuffed to have raised the required amount to make this sequel, as you can tell from the newly-posted video below. Psychonauts 2 will be released … in the future. The estimate is “Fall 2018” so prepare for a bit of a wait.

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