Pubg season 10 map

As the PUBG battle royale experience reaches double figures for its season count, it’s getting some major new additions. The slower-paced battle royale continues to go up against competitors, so another small map is being introduced. Haven is a 1×1 map that features just 32 players, and that’s not all for major features in season 10 of PUBG.

Enemy AI is being brought in with the next season, another first for the title. AI combatants known as The Pillar are coming to PUBG, deployed to protect high-end loot and other valuables. The Pillar will be present on the new Haven map, although PUBG Corp hasn’t announced whether AI enemies will invade existing maps.

The team has elaborated on their presence in Haven though. The combatants won’t be alone, as they bring their own toys to the table. The Pillar Tactical Truck is one of them, a new AI vehicle that patrols the map in search for real players. These trucks are heavily armored too, and the developer suggests running away rather than tackling them head on.

Take to the skies

The Pillar are bringing a helicopter to proceedings too. The Pillar Scout is an AI chopper that again scouts the map for survivors. When it scouts, a spotlight will sweep the area, and you better not get your ass caught in it. If you do, the AI aboard the helicopter can call for backup, which take shape as even more trucks. Splendid.

Back to the new map, it sounds like Haven will introduce quite a bit of verticality for a PUBG arena. It features an elevated highway and some very tall buildings, so you might need a quick means of escape. PUBG Corp will let you manually deploy your parachute with the emergency parachute item, allowing you to leap from high-up spots with no danger.

Pubg season 10 map

The new map, AI, vehicles, and a Haven-based battle pass come with season 10 to PUBG for PC on December 16. If you’re eager to give it a go early, it’s all live on the PC test server.

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