Pubg Porter Vehicle With Trunk System

Taego is like the favored child of PUBG. It gets all the cool new stuff, while the other maps get the hand-me-downs. The full list of changes in the PUBG 13.2 update can be seen in the patch notes, but it’s safe to say, Taego benefits. The highlights have to be the new P90 SMG, the unique Porter truck, and the new Blue Zone Grenade.

There’s also a new Survivor Pass packed full of cosmetics suited to a night on the town, an update to the Lynx AMR, a new Casual Mode, and plenty of improvements and fixes. Let’s drop in.


P90 go brrrrrrrr

The P90 will be available in Care Packages only, at least for now. It comes with 250 rounds of unique 5.7mm High Powered ammo, as well as a Cheek Pad, Handguard, Laser, and Silencer, the latter of which can be removed if you like. The P90 is effective at a longer range than other PUBG SMGs. You can make use of the dual optic to switch from a close-range Holographic Sight to a magnified Flip Sight.

Pubg P90

The P90’s magazine holds 50 rounds and is translucent, meaning you can see the bullets depleting at 1,000 RPM. According to the patch notes, the SMG’s most effective range is between 200 and 300 meters. Thankfully, the P90 will be available on all PUBG’s maps and not just Taego.

Korea’s finest work truck

Something that is a Taego exclusive is the new Porter truck made by Hyundai. This vehicle is the only one in PUBG to include the new Trunk System, which allows you to store gear in your ride. Along with your cargo, you can also fit four players into the car – two in the front and two on the flatbed at the back.

Pubg Trunk System

The Porter’s Trunk System allows you and your teammates to store weapons, armor, consumables, ammo, and anything else you like in the vehicle. Its carrying capacity is 400, so you can take a lot with you. However, if your Porter is destroyed, all your stored gear will be too.

More blue for you

When developer Krafton first introduced Taego to players, it showed off a new grenade that spawned a small Blue Zone. That throwable finally arrives in PUBG with update 13.2, as an exclusive to Taego. The Blue Zone created by the grenade has a radius of 10 meters in every direction – it’s a sphere. It’s basically enough to cover a small double-story building, perfect for flushing out sneaky foes.

The Blue Zone Grenade will last for five seconds at its maximum size. Then, the sphere will shrink over another five seconds. It deals 10 damage per second and stacks with the standard Blue Zone damage and additional Blue Zone Grenades.

Pubg Blue Zone Grenade

More updates

Taego has received a few more changes in update 13.2. The duration of the first phase has been reduced to speed up gameplay. The frankly terrible Comeback system has also received some work with the Blue Zone now shrinking even more. Plus, the total time of the Comeback BR has been reduced.

Krafton has also added a new, very unnecessary Casual Mode. In this mode, there will be a maximum of 12 players, with the rest of the lobby being filled by bots. I’m not sure why anyone would choose to play against this many bots, but it’s an option for those who prefer. You can only play three Casual Mode matches per day, which suggests it’s intended as a practice mode of sorts. This just seems like it’s going to further separate players into different queues – lengthening wait times and dividing the player base.

Pubg Crazy Night Survivor Pass Skins

It looks like PUBG has gone full K-pop with the cosmetics in the Crazy Night Survivor Pass. I guess the Blackpink skins sold well. This Survivor Pass will last for eight weeks – two weeks longer than the previous one.

And finally, the Lynx AMR. Most players wouldn’t bother to take this powerful rifle over a bolt action or DMR because it only had five bullets. After that, you needed to rebuild your second weapon. So, Krafton has increased the bullet count of the Lynx AMR to 10 with update 13.2.

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