Radical Relocation Announcement Trailer

Five months after announcing a Steam Early Access release, Radical Relocation has cruised straight into a full launch. The physics-based goods moving puzzler will challenge your packing, driving, and sailing skills. It’ll also cause you to question the laws of gravity.

The aim of the game is simple, get your stuff from A to B. Unfortunately, moving is never as easy as it you think. Particularly, when you try to pack the entire contents of your home onto the roof of your sedan. You can also try moving with a speedboat, limousine, pirate ship, golf cart, and other “standard” moving vehicles. Check out the Radical Relocation launch trailer below.

If you thought packing your car for a road trip was tough, wait until you try packing in Radical Relocation. Set in a range of eye-catching low poly neighborhoods and waterways, it will challenge you to pack your destructible furniture onto one of 24 unique vehicles, each with its own unique quirks. Balancing your prized possessions on your vehicle is just step one. Once you start moving, you need to ensure they don’t just tumble off the back to shatter on the floor.

Planning is key

If the roads were smooth and the waters were calm, moving might be easy. However, Radical Relocation is a highly accurate physics game based on real-life scenarios, so you’ll need to deal with the usual hazards of suburbia. Expect to encounter potholes, garbage cans, high-speed trains, speedboats towing floats, and more.

Radical Relocation steam launch Golf Cart

Piece of cake.

There are 50 different levels for you to navigate, so you better pace yourself. Moving once is tough enough. As you can see from the Radical Relocation launch trailer, there are more exciting moving vehicles on the way. We’re sure that flying a helicopter with furniture stacked onto it will be a total fiasco.

If you think you’re up to the challenge, you can head over to Steam to pick up the launch build of Radical Relocation for 10% off its regular retail price.

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