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When I was young during the waning days of the arcade, I spent a lot of time playing Raiden. The beautifully pixelated bullet hell shooter devoured many of my quarters in the day. I’d like to think I helped contribute to its many sequels. One of which, Raiden IV, has seen many ports and revisions over the years since launching in 2007. The last version, OverKill, released in 2015. But soon, Raiden IV x MIKADO remix will arrive, adding more modes, features, and music to the game early next year.

The timing of the announcement isn’t a coincidence. Publisher H2 Interactive revealed that Raiden IV: OverKill would be delisted on July 26. Those who owned the game will still be able to play it. But, as of this writing, you can no longer purchase this older version of the shooter.


Raiden IV x MIKADO remix is coming to us from a new publisher, NIS America (the Disgaea folks), and it’s getting some fresh updates. When the game arrives in early 2023, Raiden IV x MIKADO remix will include improved visuals, a remixed soundtrack with live-recorded performances, new levels, and different bullet patterns. There are also new modes such as Boss Rush and Double Play, the latter of which lets you pilot two ships at the same time.

No kill like OverKill

For the most part, Raiden IV x MIKADO remix is Raiden IV: OverKill but with just a little more to like in the game. The remixed version still includes modes from the last, erm, definitive release, such as OverKill Mode, Additional Mode, and Score Attack. You can even swap between the remixed and classic music tracks, just in case you’re not impressed with what MIKADO remix brings to the table.

“In Raiden IV x MIKADO remix, you’ll continue the fight against the extraterrestrial race known as the Crystals in their attempt to take over the world,” reads the game’s description on Steam. “The arcade classic steps up for its explosive arrival on PC.”

Raiden IV x MIKADO remix doesn’t have a solid release date, but you can expect the game to blast onto PC early next year.

Raiden Iv X Mikado Remix Game 2023 2

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