Rainbow Six: Siege free weekend incoming

Rainbow Six: Siege free weekend incoming

In an effort to attract new players, Ubisoft will be holding another Rainbow Six: Siege free weekend starting 15 February.

As usual, everything will be available to play and all progress can be carried over if you decide to bite the bullet and purchase the game.

In related news, on 19 February Operation Chimera will also be available on the test servers. The Outbreak event, which will be free to everyone when it launches, will also be available to test from 20 February giving players the chance to try the time-limited co-op event.

All of the above test content for  Operation Chimera will eventually go live on 6 March. The free Outbreak event, which involves infiltrating the Quarantine Zone in New Mexico where the locals have been turned into creatures, runs from 6 March to 3 April.

Source: UbiSoft.

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