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The upcoming release of Redfall on May 2 is just around the corner. In the lead up to launch, Bethesda and Arkane have been slowly dropping details about the game. Today, we received the Redfall story trailer, which divulges some of the details of the game’s lore and backstory, along with some enticing new gameplay.

What’s in the Redfall story trailer?

Being just over a month away from launch, the Redfall story trailer feels like a reminder of what it’s all about, and it also adds a bit more intrigue to the game. The footage begins with a voiceover discussing a procedure where a test subject dies. This part of the trailer vaguely shows us that a scientist who conducted a test on themselves, becoming a vampire. Later, we hear discussions regarding “Aevum,” “a company of parasites, with a thirst for immortality,” before the trailer dives into how the town fell to the vampires.

This is where the Redfall story trailer begins to explain the game through its story. It seems that players in Redfall will be dealing with “Vampire Gods” who have taken over Redfall, and they also look to be among of the big bads of the game. After this brief explanation of Redfall’s backstory, lore, and potential end goal, the story trailer begins to show us some flashy gameplay.

Showing off your abilities

One of the first bits of gameplay we see in the story trailer showcases some of the powers you will be using in Redfall. The first one shown is a crow that seems to be able to stun or kill enemies. Potentially, you’ll be able to take out more than one at a time. This is followed by an Arkane classic: the teleport ability. It’s a bit different in Redfall, as you need to throw an object before teleporting to it, but it still looks like one of the coolest things to do in the game. Other powers in this montage include invisibility, as well as the ability to spawn what seems to be a spring-type block to bounce you into the air.

Redfall Story Trailer Crow

Image via Bethesda

The story trailer then ends with a menacing threat from one of the villains of Redfall.

Stay tuned for more Redfall details as we approach launch on May 2. The game will launch on Steam, and on PC Game Pass day one.

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