The Witcher 2

As we reported last week, CD Projekt’s mod tools for The Witcher 2 officially launch today. You can get the beta REDKit program from this dedicated site, along with a few hints and tips on how to get started with your own Geralt-themed adventures.

There, you’ll also find the ‘Mod of the Month’ (pictured above) which, this month, is by Germany’s Philipp Weber. Other community mods and forums for sharing ideas and feedback will be hosted on the site too.

Here’s a handy feature list:

• Intuitive tools developed for all would-be storytellers and game designers
• Complex and user-friendly terrain tools, including the SpeedTree foliage system
• Utilize the astonishing graphics and visuals that power The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
• Create a realistic and dynamic day and night cycle in a few clicks
• Implement non-linear stories and quests with a unique quest system that allows player decisions to impact the game world and plot
• Build believable characters, NPCs, and entire communities and set their interactions with the player
• Place dialogue cameras automatically or manually to create a filmlike experience

And, in case you missed it last week, here’s the beta launch trailer.

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