Resident Evil 4 remake Ada-focused Separate Ways DLC announced

Resident Evil 4 Remake Ada Focused Separate Ways Dlc Announced
Screenshot: Capcom

Finally, Resident Evil 4 fans can enjoy the remake even more! In the latest PlayStation State of Play, Capcom announced Separate Ways for Resident Evil 4 remake, which is an Ada-focused DLC. This is the remake of the DLC that released for the original Resident Evil 4 back in 2005.

Ada-focused story in Separate Ways DLC for Resident Evil 4 remake

Just after showcasing the gameplay for Resident Evil 4 remake on PSVR2, Capcom gave us a reveal for a long-awaited DLC. While you interacted with Ada from time to time in Resident Evil 4, this Separate Ways story focuses on what Ada was doing during the game’s story.

Capcom changed many parts of the remake for Resident Evil 4, while they also kept much of what made the original special. It’s very possible that the same will happen with Separate Ways. Ada is on her own mission to find the amber, not expecting to run into an old friend. We only got a short one-minute clip of cutscenes with Ada sneaking around, using her grapple tool, and even engaging in tough combat scenarios.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Ada Focused Separate Ways Dlc Announced State Of Play

Screenshot: Capcom

The original Separate Ways DLC only took around three to five hours to complete, but who knows with the DLC remake. It would be very interesting if Capcom added a bit more content to enjoy Resident Evil 4 even more. We now also know that the Separate Ways DLC will cost $9.99 USD, but Mercenaries mode will receive a free update to include Ada and Wesker!

Nonetheless, it’s been around six months since Resident Evil 4 remake released, and fans of the original and the DLC have been waiting patiently for the DLC remake to show itself. What we do know is that the Separate Ways DLC will release on September 21, 2023, in just one week! Now, go reinstall Resident Evil 4 remake in preparation for this DLC.

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