Resident Evil Movie This Year


The new Resident Evil movie series, Degeneration, will be released later this year confirmed Capcom and Sony Pictures.  Sneak previews of the fully CG-animated title were on show last week in San Diego’s Comic Con bonanza and will debut in Japan in the Autumn.
The game will then be released on Blu-Ray, DVD and PSP in North America, but a  release date for the PAL version is yet to be announced.

The plot is based around the”‘Umbrella Incident’ that took place in Raccoon City which ended with a missile attack ordered by the government and was supposed to take out the zombie virus.  The result meant that the Umbrella Corporation’s stock dropped which resulted in the business going into liquidation.  Now, seven years later, and in an airport somewhere in the US, a zombie is unleashed filling the airport with undead. 

Scary, I know…

Paul Younger
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