Resident Evil Pc Trailer Receives Some Questionable Enhancements

Capcom has shared new footage of Resident Evil for PC, and the visuals are reasonably upgraded, but there are some questionable additions made to the game.

You can see it in different parts of the trailer, but starting in 0:25, you can plainly see Jill has received some new boob physics. Some fans may defend and like this choice, but IMO, not only does this undermine Jill as a character, it also makes it that much harder to take the somber game seriously. Hopefully, Capcom adds an option to remove this so at least fans get to choose not to have it.

Still, the graphical upgrade from the 2002 GameCube remake is looking very good, and if you haven’t played this game yet in one form or another, this may be the best way to experience it upon release. You can watch the brief trailer below.

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