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Castle Dimitrescu is all about classic staples: find a key, solve a puzzle, blast an inhuman abomination. You know. It’s your typical usual day in Resident Evil Village, but this time you’ll need the courtyard key. Once you defeat Lady Dimitrescu’s first daughter, you’ll come across a strange, ornately decorated wine bottle. But what do you do with this? And how does this help you? I’m glad you asked, hypothetical person who is confused about how adventure games work.

Unsurprisingly, you need to take the bottle of wine to the wine room. What? It doesn’t matter if she’s a vampire, all rich people houses have a wine room. If you don’t remember where that is, it can be found upstairs in the main part of the castle. You know, the same area where you opened the Prioress door before. Go back there. You’ll know the room because the door has “wine room” written on it. You know, in case anyone forgot where the wine room was.


Resident Evil Village  — Getting the courtyard key

Once inside the wine room, you’ll see a silver object on the opposite side of the room. This is a mechanism that one of those wacky architects thought was so necessary. Walk up and examine it. When prompted, select the wine bottle and place it on the object. Once in place, it’ll weigh the object down, causing the wall to open up. Now you can grab the courtyard key.

If you’re wondering where the courtyard is, leave the wine room and go back down the staircase. Go through the door opposite the shorter staircase that leads into the room and you’ll enter the dining room. The courtyard is the area directly in front, so use the key and unlock the door. That’s all for this Resident Evil Village guide on where to find the courtyard key. Make sure and check out our other guides if there’s anything else you want to know.

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