Wwe 2k22 Cover Star Rey Mysterio

A new trailer posted on the official WWE YouTube channel has revealed several details regarding the upcoming WWE game. WWE 2K22 is the next installment, and will feature none other than Rey Mysterio as the cover star. In addition to this, we now know that WWE 2K22 will launch on Steam on March 11.

Rey Mysterio is a legendary wrestler who made his WWE debut way back in 2002. Some of his largest achievements include winning three cruiserweight Championships, two World Heavyweight Championships, and the 2006 Royal Rumble. He returned to the WWE lineup in 2018 after falling out of favor several years prior. After his decline earlier in the decade, a turnaround of this magnitude was unlikely, but he pulled it off.


Its cover star wasn’t all we found out about WWE 2K22, though. The game features a new career mode titled MyRise. Seemingly borrowing inspiration from NBA 2K‘s MyCareer, MyRise is a story-driven campaign where players forge their path to superstardom. Both Universe Mode and Creation Suite have been updated too so players have more freedom to create their wrestler of choice.

Another game mode lifted from NBA 2K is MyGM, which makes its debut in WWE 2K22. This takes you out of the ring and instead you play as a general manager who has to call various shots in order to build up the WWE brand. The other new game mode revealed is MyFACTION, where players can collect and manage their dream faction with weekly events and regular updates.

Fingers crossed

The last WWE game was WWE 2K20, and it was arguably one of the worst sports games ever made. It was a technical mess full of bugs and glitchy animations. Even if you could somehow look past its technical shortcomings, the gameplay itself was hardly innovative.

It was received so poorly that 2K Games canceled the release of WWE 2K21, deciding to spend an additional year making things right. WWE 2K22 is the outcome of that extra development time. If it was worth it is to be seen, but so far things do look much more promising.

WWE 2K22 will launch on March 11.

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