Rhianna Pratchett “chose not to talk about” her work on Thief

rhianna-pratchett thief

Pratchett’s work on the game was “a few years back.”

There are further indications of a disjointed and unhappy development process behind the new Thief title in a series of tweets from Rhianna Pratchett, who has responded to queries about her work on the game by distancing herself from the project. Pratchett’s name reportedly tops Thief’s writing credits, which understandably led to some interest in what she had contributed.

Not as much as that billing would want you to believe, it turns out.

According to Pratchett herself, she was involved in “some world building stuff a few years back” and a few of the “pre-rendered cinematics.” In a more direct post, she states that she “chose not to talk about” her role in the game and expresses the hope that “some of you” enjoy it.

All told, it’s a pretty cagey post from a writer that Eidos Montreal put at the top of their writing credits list.

When asked to elaborate on the decision to go with a class warfare angle, rather than the original series’ order/chaos dichotomy, she replies “those were the building blocks I had to work with.”

Square Enix was unwilling to provide IncGamers with review code for the new Thief, so we’ve bought our own copy and will bring you the review as soon as we’ve played through the game.