Pentakill virtual concert

Riot Games Music, the music division of Riot Games, is going full throttle with the upcoming Pentakill event. After announcing the return of Pentakill with all new member Viego, the company announced a virtual heavy metal concert starring the edgy band.

Pentakill has been at the forefront of Riot Games news recently, with tons of Pentakill-related content coming up. The band is getting a new full-length album titled III: Lost Chapter, which will drop alongside the concert. Additionally, the group is getting an augmented reality game (ARG) that will help establish the lore of the group. The virtual band consists of League of Legends’ characters Karthus and Kayle on vocals, Mordekaiser on guitar, Yorick on bass, Sona on the keyboard, and Olaf on the drums. (I guess Viego’s role in the band is still a secret.) Not to mention, there’ll be tons of new Pentakill-themed skins to purchase.


Get ready to rock

Riot Games is partnering with “virtual entertainment leader” Wave and VFX company The Mill to produce the concert, Lost Chapter: An Interactive Album Experience. The companies have previously worked with other successful artists such as The Weeknd and John Legend.

League of Legends is certainly no stranger to virtual bands. They have two other successful groups that borrow from the wildly successful MOBA game; K/DA, a K-POP-inspired girl group, and True Damage, a hip-hop group. Pentakill lines up neatly beside them as a heavy metal rock group, and their album is said to “traverse a wide range of metal subgenres.” The album will feature up to ten different songs — perfect to listen to as you rage through the competitive ladder.

The Pentakill virtual concert will be held on Wednesday, September 8 at 4 PM ET. You can watch the concert through Wave’s website here. Meanwhile, you can pre-save Pentakill’s album here, which will also drop on September 8.

Viego Shreds

Viego’s coming to shred on September 8.

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