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There’s been tons of buzz recently over the next League of Legends champion, spurred by a leak that potentially revealed the champion already. The next suspected champion, Renata, was purportedly leaked in a datamine for a version of Teamfight Tactics. Now it seems her arrival is almost inevitable, as Riot Games has released a website that seems to confirm Renata. The website teases a company, Glasc Industries, of which Renata is the head. Renata will certainly bring a new edginess to League of Legends.

Glasc Industries in the universe of Runeterra is a company that makes chemtech products for the region of Zaun. There’s tons of Zaun content nowadays, considering the release of Arcane on Netflix. And Renata screams Zaun.


“From humble origins in the Sump of Zaun, Glasc Industries founder Renata Glasc was inspired by her family’s alchemical practice to improve life across Zaun and Piltover alike,” reads the Our Founder section of the site. “For the last 30 years, her visionary work has touched civil development, tech, and philanthropy, collaborating with both citizens and chem barons to keep the streets safe.”

The beauty from Zaun

Renata is slated to be a support champion based on Riot Games’ champion roadmap. Her company makes beauty products for Zaun while giving customers the power of chemtech. As one product says, “discover elegant, affordable chemtech solutions for any lifestyle, from everyday filtration units to replacement limbs and medical alchemy.” Sounds fancy.

Renata will be an Enchanter Support, but with a bit of a darker edge. As described by lead champion producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles: “There are a lot of lighthearted, colorful, good-aligned champions there and we felt support players deserved something more sinister and dark to balance out that cheery brightness in the role.”

Renata may be one of League of Legends’ first “evil” enchanters. Although most champions from Zaun have a bit of an dark streak, don’t they?

Joshua Chu
Joshua is a freelance writer and a passionate gamer, from thriving at JRPGs like Persona or struggling to land a shot in your favorite FPS game. He wants to play more games, but his life is overtaken by live service misadventures like League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Genshin Impact, and Overwatch 2. He sees battle passes in his sleep, and he wishes he doesn't...

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