Risk Of Rain 2 Enters Early Access With A Free Extra Copy For A Friend

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Risk of Rain 2 is finally here to play as it enters Steam Early Access. But you won’t have to tackle the myriad of enemies and bosses alone. From now until March 30 (that’s tomorrow, folks), you’ll receive a free copy of the game to hand to a buddy.

The indie roguelike takes only the basic concept from its predecessor. You travel through harsh, unforgiving lands, tackling legions of enemies and gathering precious loot along the way. The previous game had loads of items that buff your character, from damage modifiers to health bonuses per kill. You played as one of a handful of characters with unique abilities. For example, you could play the Enforcer, equipped with a heavy gun and heavier shield, or go for the more nimble sniper. There were even more characters to unlock along the way. Risk of Rain 2 has all this as well, but this time, you’ll see the world at a whole new angle.

Risk of Rain 2 takes what made the original great and goes full 3D. The game follows you with a third-person camera, and the artistic design embraces a colorful, almost cel-shaded look over pixels. You can play it by yourself or run with a team of up to three others. According to the Steam page, you’ll have more than 75 items to unlock, as well as hidden lore to discover.

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I suppose the real questions is, does it work in 3D? Having not played the game myself (yet), I can’t speak with authority. However, the current Steam rating is sitting pretty at “Overwhelmingly Positive” with more than 2,300 user reviews. That can’t be a bad sign, right? Most people attest that while the change to 3D was surprising, developer Hopoo Games has somehow made it work. It’s an impressive feat for a sequel to completely change from 2D to 3D and still manage to preserve the original’s spirit.

You can pick up the game today at the Steam store. Risk of Rain 2 is going for $19.99 USD.

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