Adopt Me Urban Egg Update
Image Credit: Roblox

Roblox Adopt Me introduces Urban Egg Pets with the latest update

Adopt from 12 new Urban Egg pets!

Roblox Adopt Me, the popular MMO game by Uplift Games, has just revealed the latest update, and with it, players will now be able to get their hands on the new Urban Egg pets. 

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With this new addition, Adopt Me brings in 12 new pets, which include a Billy Goat, an Alley Cat, a Toy Poodle, an Indian Leopard, and more pets inspired by the critters commonly seen in urban cities. The rarest pets include Billy Goat and Gargoyle, which have a 4% probability of hatching.

Urban Egg will Replace the Danger Egg

Adopt Me Urban Egg

Image Credit: Adopt Me

The new Urban Egg will replace the Danger Egg in the nursery. Players can access the Urban Egg pets from the Gumball Machine and hatch them.

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The new pets have different probabilities of hatching. Here’s a quick overview of their rarities:

Rarity Probability Pets Cost
Common 35% Bluebottle Fly, Mongoose, Cockroach 750 Bucks
Uncommon 25% Rock Pigeon, Tawny Frogmouth 750 Bucks
Rare 20% Toy Poodle, Indian Leopard 750 Bucks
Ultra Rare 16% Black Kite, Alley Cat, Seagull 750 Bucks
Legendary 4% Billy Goat, Gargoyle 750 Bucks

The Urban Egg pets can be adopted only until the Urban Egg is available. After that, players will have to trade to get the new pets. In addition to the Urban Egg Pets update, Adopt Me is gearing up for another update that would introduce Expandable Houses. This update is set to go live on August 31st.

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